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Kingdom Women Making Kingdom impact

Embrace your divine calling with courage and conviction. Join a community where Kingdom women make a Kingdom impact, discovering their God-given identity and purpose.

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Whether you're called to motherhood, ministry, or the marketplace, it's time to fully realize your identity in Christ and step into your inheritance as God's daughter.



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Fill My Cup podcast is a safe haven where women are given strategies to overcome life challenges, find biblically-rooted empowerment and practical steps to grow in their faith. 

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Get One on One help in reaching your goals on your walk with Christ.

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Dorothy S.

Amanda has been an incredible mentor in my life. What began as mentorship has evolved into a deep friendship rooted in our shared journey with Christ. Her guidance, encouragement, and prayers have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of prayer, scripture, and my role as an intercessor. Watching her steadfast commitment over the years has been inspiring, and I’m grateful for the intentional impact she has made in my life. God’s design is truly purposeful, and having Amanda by my side has been a blessing beyond measure.

Alicia M.

Amanda helped cultivate my gifts before I knew I had gifts. She has the ability to see the potential in people that is yet unrealized to them and often the people around them. Not once did Amanda inform me of what she was doing, but instead, she took me under her wing to assist with various projects, and before I knew it, I experienced inner healing and was being groomed to be who God called me to be! Much like the Karate Kid, who was tasked with washing cars but had no idea Mr. Miyagi was equipping him to be an excellent martial artist. If one remains humble and trusts in the process, the result is a life full of God-given purpose!

TonyaMarie P.

Amanda is such a light to be around and so trustworthy. My journey and friendship with Amanda has truly pushed me to grow to my fullest potential. Whenever I talk to Amanda she has so much wisdom and whenever I leave from her I feel nourished and want to keep going. This past year was one of my hardest but with Amanda intentionally being there for me it has helped me to want to be better and do better. I am truly blessed to have her in my village.

Shantia F.

Amanda gave of her time and resources to support me when I was at one of my lowest.  God entrusted her with my care to ensure that I did not stay there. She prayed for me, prayed with me, and allowed her space to be a training ground for my voice to begin to grow. She exemplified God's love in a way that had been foreign. She operates with consistency, integrity, and truth. Selfless, loving, encouraging, committed, and submitted,  are all words that can be used to describe Amanda.

amanda Williams

I am a woman of prayer, fiery passion, and a deep desire to help women come into a full understanding of their true identity in Christ. 

Through my coaching & mentorship, I help women identify and overcome barriers that hinder them from walking out their purpose and calling.

Through biblical teaching and training, I equip women with the tools they need to cultivate a powerful and purposeful life. 

"amanda helped cultivate my gifts before i knew i had gifts"

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Unlock the knowledge of God—His character, His ways, and His will. Begin a transformative journey into understanding and living out your unique Kingdom assignment.


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